The Missionary Offering for May is: 

Ian and Marilyn Campbell, Zambia

Ian and Marilyn have been missionaries in Africa for 32 years, serving in Congo and Zambia. They are involved in various outreaches.

Emmaus Bible Study Courses: There are 63 courses in English and 29 in the local Bembe language. Staff at the Bible Centre mark and return the courses. Please pray for the staff as they help people, young and old, to increase their knowledge of the Bible and grow closer to the Lord.

Prison work: More and more, the government is asking for qualifications for Prison Chaplains. So, Ian and Marilyn are preparing courses to comply with this legislation. Six prisons are visited on a three week rota with Emmaus courses. Please pray for this work.

Market work: Tuesdays and Fridays are market outreach days from the Centre, with the team visiting 5 different markets around the town selling Bibles. At the markets there are over 100 stall holders, who are saving up for Bibles. They give a small amount of their earnings each week when they can until the total is paid. At this point, they are overjoyed when they receive their Bible. A few are doing Emmaus courses at the market where Ian and his team sit down to help them.

The Chingola Bible Centre: Ian and Marilyn are in the process of handing over the Centre to local Christians. Please pray for wisdom. Ian is producing Emmaus Courses in the Bemba language, and it has been a steep learning curve, but things seem to be working out well

Out of Africa

Keep up to date with Ronnie & Margaret’s Bible Translation work in Africa via their blog ‘Out of Africa’.  Click the image to the right.

Teen Challenge Bus

Our dedicated team of volunteers meets every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm – 9.30pm to assist individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by addiction to drugs, alcohol and substance abuse.  The bus provides a relaxed and friendly place to talk, have a cuppa, a bite to eat and a chat.  Ultimately we aim to help individuals break the destructive cycle of addiction and get on the road to New life in Christ Jesus.  All are welcome.

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