The Missionary Offering for April goes to:
Ronnie and Margaret Sim – Wycliffe Translators

Ronnie and Margaret with their great capacity and excellent interpersonal skills have been involved in Wycliffe translation work for over 44 years. In recent years Ronnie has been involved in the translation of the Nkoya Bible, and plans are now in place to launch the availability. Ronnie has also been lecturing to the GLO students in Motherwell, on Jeremiah and history from the second temple from the exile to 100AD. Providing summaries of Isaiah and Jeremiah and other books of the Bible for translators has been a high priority for Ronnie over the past months. This allows a precis of each book in the Old Testament to be given in the translation.

Ronnie lecturing to translators on understanding the Bible in context.

Margaret is writing an article on ‘Quotation’ for an Encyclopaedia of Biblical Greek Language and Linguistics about how Greek does different kinds of quoting or mentioning other writers or speakers.

Pray for the Nkoya bible distribution. There may be a delay in the official dedication due to the virus sweeping the world.

Out of Africa

Keep up to date with Ronnie & Margaret’s Bible Translation work in Africa via their blog ‘Out of Africa’.  Click the image to the right.

Teen Challenge Bus

Our dedicated team of volunteers meets every Tuesday evening from 7.30pm – 9.30pm to assist individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by addiction to drugs, alcohol and substance abuse.  The bus provides a relaxed and friendly place to talk, have a cuppa, a bite to eat and a chat.  Ultimately we aim to help individuals break the destructive cycle of addiction and get on the road to New life in Christ Jesus.  All are welcome.